JBL Professional Control25-1 (pair) | Compact Indoor/Outdoor & Background/Foreground speaker

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The Control® 25-1 is a two-way 5” speaker with rich sonic character, wide coverage, consistent dispersion, versatile mounting, and a contemporary high-design look that fits into a wide range of decors. This makes Control 25-1 an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications, including retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, theme parks, educational facilities, hospitality, music cafes, leisure venues, and anywhere where a top quality high-output indoor/outdoor foreground/background music (and/or paging) speaker is required.

The unique InvisiBall mounting hardware is included with each system, making short work of permanent installation. The InvisiBall mounting method provides a high degree of both vertical and horizontal rotation, and because InvisiBall adjustments are made through a hidden access behind the logo badge, the grille never needs to be removed, and there exists a high degree of theft deterrence as well. Integrated M6 mounting points for an optional U-bracket adds to the installation versatility.

In addition to the driver designs contributing toward a high degree of weather resistance, the cabinet provides excellent endurance against sun, salt and moisture. Grilles are heavily zinc-plated and finished in a tough, high-grade powder coating for rust resistance. The optional MTC-25WMG WeatherMax™ grilles are available for especially difficult environments and to break up driving rain. Connection is made via weather-capable screw-down terminals. The optional MTC-PC2 and MTC-PC3 panel covers are available to protect the terminal compartment, providing a water-tight sealed gland-nut entrance (when used with round-jacketed cable within the specified diameter range).

The frequency response is extremely smooth, resulting in a very natural sound character, and the response extends down to 60 Hz, providing strong bass capability. The system is capable of handling 100 Watts continuous pink noise (200 Watts program) at its 8 ohm setting and is also equipped with a built-in 30 Watt 70V/100V multi-tap transformer for operation on distributed speaker lines. The combination of high sensitivity and power handling provides high Max SPL of 110 dB.


  • Components:
    • 5-¼” woofer with woven fiberglass cone
    • 3/4” PEI diaphragm tweeter with fluid cooling
  • Contemporary, high-design appearance
  • Built-in InvisiBall® mounting hardware*, plus available U-bracket
  • Weather resistant enclosure and transducers
  • Wide 100° x 100° coverage
  • 100 Watt power handling (200 Watt program) in direct 8Ω setting,                      plus built-in 30 Watt 70V/100V multi-tap transformer.
  • High fidelity sound character with broad frequency response of                          60 Hz – 20 kHz.


System Frequency Range - (-10 dB)1 60 Hz – 20 kHz

Frequency Response - (+/-3 dB) 85 Hz – 17 kHz

Power Rating - 200 W Continuous Program (2 hrs) 100 W                                            (400W peak) Continuous Pink Noise (2 hrs) 75 W (300W peak)                                      Continuous Pink Noise (100 hrs)

Maximum Input Voltage - 25.3 V RMS (2 hrs), 50.6 V peak

Maximum SPL - 110 dB average Continuous Pink Noise (116 dB peak)

Sensitivity - 90 dB, 1W/1m (averaged 100 Hz – 10 kHz)

Coverage Angle - 100° x 100°

Directivity Factor (Q) - 6.04 (averaged 1 kHz – 16 kHz)

Directivity Index (DI) - 7.6 dB (averaged 1 kHz – 16 kHz)

Nominal Impedance - 8 ohms (THRU setting)

Crossover Type - 2nd order low-pass, 3rd order high-pass                                  Circuitry Transformer Taps 70V: 30W, 15W, 7.5W, 3.7W                                            100V: 30W, 15W, 7.5W

Insertion Loss - <0.94 dB at any tap setting

Thru Setting - 8Ω nominal

Recommended Protective High-Pass - 60 Hz high-pass (24 dB/oct)                                (for 8Ω operation and for all 70V/100V tap settings)

Transducers Low Frequency - 135 mm (5.25 in),                                                        woven-fiberglass cone with pure butyl rubber surround                                            with Weather-Edge frame protection, high-temp fiberglass                                      voice coil former, hightemp voice coil wire, optimized                                               cone geometry, linear suspension spider, and FEA optimized                                motor structure.

High Frequency - 19 mm (0.75 in) PEI diaphragm, low-viscosity                  ferromagnetic fluid, and lightweight Kapton™ voice coil former.                          Physical Enclosure Material High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS),                                 painted with highly-UV resistant paint on white (-WH) version                                    for maximum UV fade resistance. Grille Highly zinc-plated,                                  finished in durable TGIC polyester powder coating.

Environmental - IP-44 per IEC529 (IP-55 when installed with the                        optional MTC-25WMG-1 WeatherMax™ grille and either MTC-PC2                              or MTC-PC3 panel cover.) Exceeds MilSpec 810 for humidity, salt-spray,          temperature & UV. Passes MilStd-202F for salt spray and ASTM G85 for                  acid-air plus salt spray. Optional MTC-25WMG-1 WeatherMax™ grille                        for breaking up driving rain and for especially difficult environments.

Termination - Screw-down terminal strip, zinc-plated copper based,                      nickel-plated metal screws and washers. Accepts up to 9 mm outside                           4 mm inside open lugs (#6, #8, or #10 lug), plus bare wire                                         (up to 12 AWG / 2.5 mm2). Optional MTC-PC2 and MTC-PC3 protective                panel covers available to provide sealed entrance for additional weather       protection.

Dimensions (H x W x D) - 9.6" x 7.4" x 5.7"

Net Weight (each) - 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) 

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